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Investment and pension leads available

This summer sees the launch of a groundbreaking new consumer finance site, SensibleMoney.co.uk. We will be providing tools for users to review their investments and pensions, and to give them access to independent advice to discuss their options for improvement. Sensible Money will be offering current, qualified leads to the IFA community, and we'd like to hear from you about exactly what you'd want from the service. Please spare a few clicks to give us your opinions!
What has been your experience of buying investment and pension leads?
Never have
Did it with no positive results
Did it with mixed results
Did it with positive results
Would you consider buying qualified investment and pension leads in the future?
Definitely not
Maybe, subject to price
Definitely; external leads form an important part of my marketing strategy
What would you consider paying for a lead where the prospect had told us he had £50,000 ready to invest?
Up to £25.00
£25.00 to £50.00
Above £50.00
Would consider a commission-sharing arrangement
How many such leads per month would you consider buying, assuming you were obtaining satisfactory results?
One to five
Five to ten
Ten to twenty
More than twenty
What would you pay for a service which produced qualified investment and pension appointments to fill your diary according to your requirements for date, time and area?
Up to £100.00 per appointment
£100.00 to £200.00
Over £200.00
Would consider a commission-sharing arrangement
This poll was created on 2010-06-08 14:38:54 by John Cooper