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Kids Wrestling

About clothes worn during home wrestling matches
Are you male, or female?
I am years old.
Do you wrestle in bare feet, socks, or shoes? Why?
Do your competitors wrestle in bare feet, socks, or shoes? Do they change their footwear according to the footwear you have on?
If you are wearing shoes or socks, do your shoes or socks often come off during the match?
How do they come off?
What type of surface do you wrestle on? Does the type of surface change your decision on what footwear you are going to have on?
Do you think any type of footwear has an advantage over another kind?
Are you influenced to change your footwear if your friend changes footwear?
After the match, does your footwear change from what it was during the match?
What kind of pants do you wear during the match? (Full length jeans, jean shorts, track pants, sweat pants, etc.)
What type of pants do you think are best to wrestle with?
What combination of pants and footwear do you think is the best to wrestle in?
This poll was created on 2010-06-09 01:57:20 by disceased.owl