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Horror Movie Quiz

I ask various questions about horror movies.
How many times must you say the name Candyman, in the movie of the same name for him to appear?
Identify the villain by the following quote "This is it Jennifer, Your big break in TV".
Freddy Kruger
Who directed Poltergeist (1980)?
Tobe Hooper
Steven Speilberg
George A. Romero
Steve Beck
John Carpenter
What type of doll was Chucky in Child's Play (1988)?
My Buddy
Good Guy
Dresden Doll
Raggedy Chuck
Doll Man
What is the name of the town, which Freddy Krueger terrorizes in the Nightmare on Elm Street series?
Greenlawn, New York
Chillicothe, Missouri
Freeling, California
Elmwood, Iowa
Springwood, Ohio
In the original Friday the 13th series, in which movie did Jason Voorhees get his famous hockey mask?
Friday the 13th Part 1 (1980)
Friday the 13th Part 3
Friday the 13th Part 2
Friday the 13th: the Final Chapter
Friday the 13th: Part 5: A New Beginning
Identify the movie by the following quote: "I don't know who to trust. I know what you mean Blair". "
The Thing
The Blair Witch Project
The Faculty
Who is the last character to be killed in the movie Final Destination (2000)?
Clear Rivers
Tod Waggner
Alex Browning
Billy Hitchcock
Carter Horton
Who produced/directed Friday the 13th (1980)?
Wes Craven
Steve Miner
Adam Marcus
Sean S. Cunningham
John Landis
What was the free wish of the character Alexandra Amberson in the movie Wishmaster?
To have a means to kill the creature
To know what the creature was
A million dollars
For the creature to blow it's brains out
To have a trip to Egypt
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