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Horror fight 3

Here is another horror poll but some of theses fights will be double teams.
Cujo or or one of the pet cemetery animals
Pet Cemetery
Alien and Predator or Pumpkinhead and the Creeper
Alien and Predator
Pumpkinhead and creeper
Terminator or Robocop
Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers or Freddy and Pinhead
Jason and Michael
Freddy and Pinhead
Torch (puppet master) or Mr.Static (Demonic toys)
Leatherface and Chop Top or Chucky and Tiffany
Leatherface and Chop Top
Chucky and Tiffany
Carrie or Leprechaun
Jason, Michael,Freddy, Leatherface,Pinhead, Or Chucky
Jason Voorhees would rip their intestines out and play jump rope with them!
Michael Myers would Slice them all
Freddy would give them nightmares!
Leatherface would Saw their ass
Pinhead wouldn't even move to win
Chucky would just pretend to be a doll and let all the others kill themselves
This poll was created on 2010-07-10 04:57:02 by Godzilla VS Jason