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What guys want in a girl (guys answer)

select you type? i guess...
How old are you?
13 or younger
14 - 16
20 +
choose two words to describe your dream girl
cute and bubbly
sexy and breezy
laid back/ chill
funny and goofy
How would you perfer her to dress?
Sexy, lacy, tight clothes, that a pornstar or vixen would wear (but a little more concealing)
Cute girly girl clothes, pastel colors, mini skirts, knee high socks
laid back not caring clothes, like tee shirts and jeans
artsy, trendy creative clothes, maybe vintage-y, or paris-y
bright colors, skinny jeans, shoes like, vans, etnies- scene-ish clothes
What kind of hair style would she have?
long/medium length wavy, flowy, dirty blonde hair like blake lively (if you dont know how she looks just google her!)
long, choppy, somewhat-poofy, side parted, dark brown, scene-ish hair
a blonde pixie cut (short choppy hair)
pin-straight (which means very straight) brown hair with blonde highlights
messy, rebelious, hair with neon highlights
What would she like to do
Nothing her own, or girly, just the exact same things you like to do
Nothing that you like to do, only things she would want to do, and not have anything in common with you
Likes to do some of her own things, but also likes to try the things you like to do
What would those things she would like to do be?
Shopping, yoga, gossiping, watch chick flicks, like pastel colored tracksuits, designer labels, money, fashion, celebrities, celebrity gossip
like shopping, and bakeries, and pedicures, but also like to go to concerts with you, hang out with you and your friends and watch action movies, attempt to play your favorite sports with you
playing sports with you, chilling with your friends, do pranks, discuss sports teams
skinny jeans, concerts, hardcore bands, getting into trouble, cursing, doing pranks, hanging out with you and your friends
Her personality would be
intelligent, independent,very involved in school clubs and activities, but kind of a nerd
Cheery, blissful, and sweet, slow/stupid at sometimes but can always make you laugh
fashionable, breezy, calm and composed, into her looks, but also into you
tries to get in trouble, doesnt take anyones crap, but is obnoxious, and obsessed with being considered a school label
What type of body is the best?
average height, big boobs, average weight
figure of a swim suit model/ celebrity, fit stomach/ two pack, b- sized boobs- not too big, nice butt- kinda big
very tall, very skinny, flexible, runway model type body
average boobs, average height and weight,
now be honest, are you a guy?
What best describes you?
laid back, athletic, sporty
into your looks, metrosexual, hair always has to look good
player, like to seek out hot chicks
grungy, concert-going, emo-ish
get into fights, get into trouble, bad boy
nerdy, liking math, good with computers,
love playing videogames, not too good with girls, only have a few friends, like to watch movies
motivated, college born
This poll was created on 2010-07-12 01:26:25 by brunettebabe