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Straight guys who are into your looks! ages 15-25!!!

This poll is NOT for gay guys, its for STRAIGHT guys who are into style, into their looks, and like therehair to always look good. The guys who take this can be narcisistic.
Do you like Cherry Colored Hair on girls?
No, I perfer normal hair colors
Are you metrosexual and into your looks?
I dont perfer to call myself metrosexual, but im into always looking good, fashion, and having nice looking hair
Are you straight?
No, Im bi
No, Im gay (then you shouldntbe taking this poll! leave!)
Yes, Im straight
Be honest, are you really a guy?
no (then leave this poll!)
Do you date a lot of girls?
no, i dont have time for a relationship
im usually single, cus im looking for the right girl
no, i dont like girls (then leave poll!)
yeah, im a player
How old are you?
under 15 (leave poll!)
28 and older (leave my poll!)
How do you like your hair to be?
it usually looks good with out me trying to hard to style it.
I want it to look good so i spend alot of time on it, and im always checking it in the mirror, i use hair products, like hair gel, or hairspray
i dont care at all about my hair, it can do whatever it wants and i dont care. (i said this poll is for guys who care about there looks!
i want it to look really good, sometimes i blow dry or straighten it, i usually look in the mirror every now and then to fix it and make sure it looks okay
Are you narcisistic? BE HONEST
not at all
kind of/ a little
What are you like? Are you an athlete? An aspiring artist/actor? Are you emo or scene? a you a player or ladies man
preppy/ valid-victorian type
a player/ ladies man
An Athlete
An aspiring artist/actor
college frat boy
If you answered none/other to the last question, tell me, what are you like/ what would you label yourself as?
Do you care about the clothes you wear? Are you fashionable?
I think I am fashionable, I like to buy clothes that look nice and i like to mix and match
I have no fashion sense, and i dont care about the clothes i wear
Yes i do care about wearing nice clothes
I am fashionable, and have a specific taste of what kind of clothes i like to wear
What kind of clothes do you like to wear?
what ever color jeans, and what ever color shirt, i dont really care
doesnt matter, what ever is on the floor in my bedroom, doesnt have to look good
sophisticated looking clothes, maybe designer jeans/ dark, nice looking denim, maybe a clean plain t-shirt, with a black vest
skinny jeans and vans
So how do you coordinate the colors of your outfit?
shirts that say a sports team, or a jersy, and whatever colored jeans
I really dont care, i just wear what ever.
I like my jeans to be faded, and in nuetural colors, like faded black, faded grey, dark wash jean-color, and i like the shirt to be sort of opposite of the jean color, like if the jeans are a dark color, then my shirt is a light color, like white
nuetral colored jeans, like a dark wash, or a pale blue, or grey or black, and a COLORFUL t-shirt, and maybe colorful shoes.
i like to add accessories, like vests or scarfs or hats. i like to keep my colors kind of nuetural, like grey black and white, but add splashes of color on just a few things, like my shoes or a vest, and sometimes my shirt
If you chose other, how would you describe the way you coordinate colors and stuff in your outfit?
How would you describe your hair?
short, spiky, maybe you have like fangs in the front
shoulder/chin length; shaggy, straight
short-ish, but doesnt stick up, it kinda is in your face, a few inches long
curly and medium lenghth
Do you like fashion and hair?
no (then why are you taking this???)
dont care/ not really (again you shouldnt be taking this poll)
This poll was created on 2010-07-18 23:16:17 by brunettebabe