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Slit skirts Females omly please

I have seen many women wearing slit skirts. They can be long or short skirts and slits of different lengths, some rather revealing. I am wondering what sort of slit skirt you would be willing to wear.
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Your age
15 to 18
19 to 21
22 to 25
26 to 30
31 to 35
36 to 40
41 to 45
46 to 50
51 to 55
56 to 60
Over 60
Have you ever worn a slit skirt?
Yes but just a short slit
Yes but a longer slit
Yes with a lengthy slit
No I have not worn slit skirts but I might in the near future
No I do not ever wear slit skirts
What length was your skirt?
Floor or ankle length
Mid calf to knee length
A little above my knees
Mid thigh
Higher than mid thigh
How far up your leg did the slit continue?
Just above my ankles
Up to my knees
Up to mid thigh
Somewhere between mid thigh and crotch level
Up to my waist
One slit or two?
More than two
Where was the slit?
Up the back
Centered in front
Up my right side
Up my left side
Over front of right leg
Over front of left leg
What was your reason for wearing this skirt?
Stage costume
Dance costume
Other costume
Job uniform
Wore it to a fancy party or event
Just like to show my legs
Husband / boyfriend told me to wear it
The slit makes movement easier
How much of a slit would you prefer?
Just a short one
Up to mid thigh is not a problem for me
I'm okay with it up to crotch level
I don't mind if it goes up to my waist
What would you wear under a slit skirt?
Bikini (hipster) panties
Pantyhose and panties
Just pantyhose
Would it concern you if the slit went up so high that your panties might show in the slit?
Yes so I would not wear that skirt
Yes so I would wear skimpier panties or a thong under that skirt
I would only wear pantyhose under that skirt
No it would not concern me . If my panties show then they show. No problem for me.
At what age can a girl first wear a skirt that has a lengthy slit?
Not until she is over 21
Describe the slit skirt you have worn. If you have worn more than one please describe the one that could be the most revealing. Also where and when did you wear it?
Tell me stories, suggest questions I missed, or leave an e-mail address to talk further.
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Just stupid
This poll was created on 2010-07-20 20:56:03 by Donmon