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Dance Team Uniform {Girls Only}

II was on a flag team last year and we did some dancing but mostly with the flags. This year we are going to do more dancing and a lot less with flags. The new coach even changed what we are called to more reflect dance. Basically we are now a dance team. I'm a little nervous we are switching from pants to short skirts and I was wondering what other dancers oppinions are. This is a High School team and I'm going to be a sophmore.
Are you on a Dance Team?
No {The rest of the poll won't interest you then}
Where are you on a Dance Team at?
High School
Somewhere Else
How old are you?
22 and over
What is your uniform/costume?
Dance Pants and Top
Skirt and Top
Shorts and Top
Something Else
If you wear a skirt what length is it?
Very Short
Top of the Thigh
Mid Thigh
To the Knee
Past the Knee
If you wear shorts what length are they?
Very Short
Top of the Thigh
Mid Thigh
To the Knee
Past the knees
If you wear a dress what length is it?
Very Short
Top of the Thigh
Mid Thigh
To the knee
Past the knees
If you wear a skirt, shorts, or a dress what do you wear on your legs?
Nothing Bare legs
Nylon Stockings
What are the tops?
Long Sleeves
Short sleeves
Somewhere in between
There is no top its one piece
What do you wear on your feet to perform?
Dance Shoes
Tennis shoes
Nothing Barefoot
Something else
Do you feel your uniform is to revealing?
Yes I wish there was more coverage
Yes But I'm O.K. with it
No I love it
Do you ever get embarrassed dancing in a little outfit?
Yes But I do it
No I love the attention
Do you ever have guys whistle at you while your in your dance uniform?
Yes I love it
Yes I hate it
No I wish they did
No I'm glad they don't
What caan you tell me that you like or dislike about your uniform and anything else that I might experience?
What do you wear for practice? Click all that apply
Short shorts
Shorts top of the thigh
Knee length shorts
Dance Pants
Leg Warmers
Dance shoes
Tennis shoes
Socks only
This poll was created on 2010-07-29 02:16:10 by Dancing Bri