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im gonna ask you some questions and tell me if you think i should do this.
Ok i know im suppose to make a horror fight every week but i cant because i just got back from santa cruz. So i been taking some time off. also i looked at horror fight 5 and looked and i saw 3 likes 3 dont cares and 3 hates. So im gonna ask you all do you thing i should take a break keep making more foreever or just stop?
Make more i love these polls!
Dont really care
Hell no dont make any more
Also i have a few another questions for you guys do you think i should make any other types of fight polls example(Godzilla fights, Star wars, Doctor who, other).
Hell yeah for all of them.
Just the godzilla one
just the star wars one
just the doctor who one
only do horror fights
hell no to any of them
Also if i do keep making more of my horror fight polls. I'm gonna be letting people send me requests for horror icons u want to see in a fight. So just send me the message and when i get more people to send me stuff i'll be using your requests and some of my ideas in the poll.
Ok i will check back on this poll in a few days and when i see enough voters. I'll start making horror fight six if you want me too or make some other polls. Will you stick around for more of my polls?
Hell yeah
i only take your polls to kill time
No your polls suck!
This poll was created on 2010-08-07 03:23:53 by Godzilla VS Jason