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What would you like to see in a new website?

I'm creating a community site. It will be the place to share ideas, tips, tricks, information, on a range on topics ranging from technology to music to film. This is to help me develop the site by asking the public what they really want and meeting that requirement.
Do you think such a website is a good idea?
Yes, fantastic!
No, there are already enough sites like this.
What features would you like to see on a community site?
how-to wiki
chat feature
Other (please specify at the end)
What topics should be allowed?
Other (please specify at the end)
What should the site be called?
if you answered other to any of the previous questions, please write your answers here.
do you have any editional suggestions/ideas/feedback/comments?
This poll was created on 2010-09-11 18:13:42 by Ashley Cox