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endings for the twilight saga

I am curious about how twilight fans would like the twilight saga to end.

what should happen between Bella, Jacob, and Edward?

53% (7) Bella should choose Edward
30% (4) Bella should choose Jacob
15% (2) Edward and Jacob should fall in love and romantically make out at the end of the movie. Because it would be hot.

13 voters have answered this question.

who do you think is hotter?

58% (7) Eddward
41% (5) Jacob

12 voters have answered this question.

If Edward and Jason fell in love what would happen. what would be your opinion

27% (3) it would end the war between vampires and werewolves. A beautiful gay Romeo and Juliet story.
63% (7) Bella would remain friends with both of them and the war would end. However it would completely ruin a great movie series saga.
9% (1) Bella would be pissed and confused. I would have been very offended because I am highly homophobic.

11 voters have answered this question.

Who do you think I am? (facebook friends of mine ignore this question.)

20% (2) A gay dude who likes twilight.
50% (5) A strait guy whose trying to be funny.
30% (3) A girl who likes to watch gay men.

10 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2010-09-14 01:59:38 by turamphantt
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