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On this Christian Sabbath...should we make a passive protest against the massive alcohol industry that has ruined our quality of life, our societies & families?

I will consider letting the priest know today that the Eucharist would be better served without Wine as a symbolic protest at the damage done by excess consumption.

0% (0) That is inappropriate.
50% (1) I think if Jesus had foreseen the widespread damage of Alcohol abuse he would be chastened to know that.
0% (0) I accept the sentiment as sincere, but religious ceremony is sacrosanct, I would feel uncomfortable expressing my sincere feelings at Church.
50% (1) I will make my own protest in my own way, thank you for your suggestion.
0% (0) I think there is no bigger problem with alcohol today than 2000 yrs ago, if it was OK by JC its OK by me.
0% (0) My family are victims of alcohol abuse, I think Alcohol should be banned forthwith.
100% (2) I think alcohol should be allowed but the Alcohol industry made to pay for the huge damage the abusers cause, I don't want to work hard & pay extra taxes for their lack of judgement.
0% (0) Religion is about loving feelings, not about criminal psychological damage, let the government work properly for once and fix the problem.
0% (0) Each one of us should take responsibility as individuals, as a society and also an unaccountable industry. Religion is mostly symbolic and is the wrong avenue for social change.
0% (0) I'm gonna look the priest right in the eye & say, "sorry father but my mother dealt with the effects of alcohol all her life, the communion wafer will be fine."

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This poll was created on 2010-09-25 23:25:25 by SWIFTY RESOLUTIONS
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