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Plastic bottles & Packaging

Making people aware of the severe detriment to our world using plastic bottles, wrap and bubble packs. Having people be AWARE of the amount of oil product used in this plastic and by cutting entirely out of our lives would save 17% of the cost of OIL and oil by-product alone and drop gas prices. Plastic is one of the worst enemies and toxins in our world today and the Arabs make millions selling to the western world and support war and their extreme RICH nonsense life styles.

Are you aware of the cost saving in OIL alone you could control if you stopped plastic?

0% (0) Are you aware Aluminum pop, juice, beer and some food cans are all totally recycleable and reusable and save Millions of dollars in energy and waste by companies using them instead of Plastic?
100% (1) What are you doing to stop this sever polluting in your community, schools, offices and plants by stopping the use and allowing plastic bottles and bubble packs at these places?
0% (0) Do you know thousands of dollars can be made by your group monthly if you collect and recycle all aluminum cans and household products?
0% (0) If you'd like to make very easy money for your group, school, charity or for some purpose like "Jerry's Kids" and other important money drives you can do this with GREAT EASY SUCCESS. Would you like to be able to do this?
0% (0) By asking Popcans for Charity www.popcans.org they will help you get started with a lot of short cut information to help your groups and help stop the use of plastic. Will you go to the web site and get information that is free like so many in North America have from schools, to churches to Legion groups and fund raisers for olympic support for athletes.

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This poll was created on 2010-10-07 16:28:32 by CanMan
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