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What Do You Look For in a E Commerce Website Store

I am looking for the opinions of the general public to assist me with building an e commerce website which offers personal defense products and surveillance equipment at discounted retail prices.

I am very passionate about providing a service to the public which gives them an avenue for up to date information on the latest self defense products and related articles.

Please take a few minutes to take my poll and together we can prevent someone from becoming a victim of an assault, robbery, or other serious crime.

What is MOST important to you when looking to purchase from an online retail store, or e commerce store?
Easy to Navigate Through the Website
Bright Colors
Direct Access to the Store from the Home Page
Store is Protected by a Secure S.S.L. Certificate
All of the above.
What is LEAST Important to you when looking to purchase for an online retail store, or e commerce store?
Google Search Engine Ranking
Design Colors on the Website
Variety of Products
Information about the Products
Training and Experience of the Staff or Owner of the Website
How Important to you is it to have a Website with a MaCafee Safe Web Rating even thought the store is protected with a secure S.S.L. Certificate?
Very Important
Moderately Important
Not Very Important
Not Important at All
Are you likely to purchase from a retail, e commerce store that has to much information (Text) about the products.
This poll was created on 2010-12-05 05:22:49 by StunTech