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Barefoot survey

a survey about how you like to go barefoot
What surface tempts you to go barefooted the most?
wood chips (i.e. on playground)
What footwear is most tempting for you to take off and go barefoot?
Heels or Stilettos
sneakers without socks
flip flops / sandals
Where do you like to go barefoot the most?
anywhere people can see my feet!
formal parties, cant stand those heels
If i can find a place to put my shoes, I will leave there
wherever I feel like it, if there isnt a spot to put my shoes, i will throw them away
What would you do if you were barefoot and suddenly got assaulted by hysterical laughter and teasing?
turn red and try to crawl under table
run to your shoes, only to forget how to put them on
This poll was created on 2011-01-07 17:37:20 by plztryagain