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Girls Only- a survey about what socks you prefer
What type of socks do you normally wear?
Tube socks
Ankle socks (just above the ankle)
Low cut socks (below ankle)
If you were going to take your shoes off at your destination, what socks would you wear?
ankle socks (just above ankle)
Low cut (below ankle)
Tube socks
If you were going to be barefoot at your destination (i.e local park, pool party) what socks would you wear, assuming you wore sneakers too?
below ankle
just above ankle
wouldn't wear any
would just go there barefoot all together
What type of sock tempts you to go barefoot the most?
tube- too stuffy
below ankle- small so can be put in pockets when barefoot
just above ankle- fun to take off
Which of these reasons would cause you to wear extremely undersized socks ?(covers only up to your toes)
So I won't have to take socks off to be barefoot
because it would be better than playing kickball in gym class barefooted
it would be slightly less embarrassing than going completely barefoot
Final Question, Which one of these activities would you like to do in bare feet? (check all that apply)
going to school
going to party
play basketball
play badmin
go to mall
go to library
take walk on street
This poll was created on 2011-01-24 13:55:13 by plztryagain