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Kneeling before God (Roman catholics)

I feel that, at least in my country (France), much less people than in the past kneel to pray, yet some younger people seem to rediscover this praying attitude which expresses our respect in front of God. I would like to know what other catholics do and think about kneeling before God
Are you
a man / a boy ?
a woman / a girl ?
What is your age ?
under 15
more than 50
Where do you live ?
North America
South America
Great Britain or Ireland
Other Western European country (which one ?)
Eastern Europe
Middle East
Other Asian country
Are you
Roman catholic ?
Other christian (which denomination ?) ?
Other religion (which one ? ) ?
Atheist ?
Do you kneel for private prayer ?
when alone at home
when alone in a church
for family prayer
in front of the Blessed Sacrament
When do you kneel during mass ?
Entering the church
penitential prayer
whole canon of mass including consecration
consecration only
Before Holy Communion
After Holy Communion
Blessing by the priest
Before leaving the Church
Other moments during mass (which moments ?)
How do you receive Holy Communion ?
Kneeling, on my tongue
Standing, on my tongue
Standing in my hand
Pope Benedict said that the best way for lay people to receive Holy Communion was on their tongue, kneeling. Do you approve ?
How often do you attend Mass ?
Less than once a month
At least once a month but not every week
Once a week
Several times a week
Do you kneel for confession ?
No, I never confess
No, I don't confess kneeling
In you congregation, do people kneel as you do ?
No, they kneel more often than I do
No, I kneel more often than they do
Do you think that in your parish priests should
encourage kneeling ?
say nothing about it and let people free to do as they feel ?
Do you think that churches
should always be equipped with kneelers or kneeling chairs ?
should not be equipped because it is better to kneel on the floor ?
should not be equipped because it is useless to kneel ?
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This poll was created on 2011-03-22 19:38:44 by edouard