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Favourite Space Adventure TV Series

They come from the US, Britain, Canada (Space Command (James Doohan was 1 of the stars) and Star Lost), and Australia (Phenix 5). There are 40 regular series. The 2nd question is for special series, called serials in Britain, otherwise known as mini-series. The 1st 6 are British chlidren's shows, usually in 6 installments or parts, erroneously called episodes in Britain (seasons or years are erroneously called series over there). I include only live-action in both and they are listed chronologically.
Which is your favourite space adventure TV regular series from the '50s?
Captain Video and his Video Rangers
Tom Corbett, Space Cadet
Space Patrol
Buck Rogers
Space Command
Rod Brown of the Rocket Rangers
Flash Gordon
Rocky Jones, Space Ranger
Men into Space
Which is your favourite from the '60s?
Phenix 5
Lost in Space
Star Trek
Land of the Giants
from the '70s?
Moonbase 3
the Tomorrow People
Star Lost
Space: 1999
Space Academy
Jason of Star Command
Blake's 7
the '80s?
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
Battlestar Galactica
Galactica 1980
Captain Zep- Space Detective
Galloping Galaxies
Star Cops
ST: the Next Generation
Red Dwarf
the '90s?
ST: DS 9
Babylon 5
Earth II
Space: Above and Beyond
ST: Voyager
the Cape
Stargate-SG 1
and the 0s?
ST: Enterprise
Battlestar Galactica
Flash Gordon
Defying Gravity
What is your favourite space adventure TV special series?
Lost Planet ('54)
Return of the Lost Planet ('55)
the Strange World of Planet X ('56)
Space School ('56)
Target Luna ('60)
Pathfinders (3 serials from '60-'61)
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy ('81)
Space ('87)
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