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Boots shapers...which is tastiest?

In the U.K, Boots pharmacy has a series of meal deal food which is great for watching weight...but also very tasty! So which is the tastiest you've tried and if you haven't, which sounds the tastiest? :)
Which is the tastiest main food in the meal deal?
Roast chicken and stuffing
Tuna and cucumber
Salmon and cucumber
Roast chicken
Prawn mayo
Egg mayonnaise and cress
Ham, soft cheese and sunblushed tomato
Roast chicken salad
Yellow Thai chicken
Mature cheddar and fruit chutney
Ham and mustard
Red thai chicken soup
Edamame bean soup
Soy chicken soup
Red pepper soup (sachet)
Chicken noodle coup (sachet)
Chicken tikka flatbread
Mexican chicken flatbread
Falafal flatbread
BBQ chicken wrap
Hummus and chargrilled vegetable wrap
Chicken fajita wrap
Sweet chilli chicken wrap
Prawn, rocket in lemon dressing wrap
Which is the tastiest drink?
Strawberry & Kiwi
Lemon & Lime
Rasberry & Apple
Rasberry & Mango
Summer Fruits
Peach & Passion fruit
Cloudy Lemonade
Ginger Beer
Cream Soda
Still Cranberry Juice Spring Water
Shapers Still Floridian Orange Juice Spring Water
Cloudy Apple Juice
Orange juice
Strawberry & Rasberry smoothie
Strawberry & Banana smoothie
Banana Smoothie
Orange and Raspberry Fruit Crush
Orange, Mango and Lime Fruit Crush
Apple, Blackcurrant and Elderflower Fruit Crush
Yummiest snack
Prawn Cocktail Spirals
Onion Rings
Salt & Vinegar Spirals
Sour Cream & Chive crispy discs
Salt & Vinegar crispy discs
Cheese & Onion crispy discs
Bacon Bites
Cheese puffs
Sweet Thai Chilli Crunchies
Ready Salted discs
Apple, Mango, Grape with Bio Yogurt and Honey
Apple, Strawberry & Kiwi fruit with Greek style yogurt
Carrot chunks
Mango chunks
Apple Wedges
Crunchy Apple and Juicy Grapes
Melon, Apple, Strawberry and Grape
Melon and Grapes
Melon snack
Pinapple snack
Grapes snack
Mint Bar
Strawberry Bar
Chocolate & Raisin Cereal Bar
Double Choc Bar
Cranberry, Raisin & Nut Cereal Bar
Pre-biotic Strawberry & Yogurt Cereal Bar
Blueberry & Yogurt Nougat Bar
Crispy Caramel
Jumbo Raisins & Sultanas
Dried Apricots
This poll was created on 2011-03-19 12:30:48 by zombiecool