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for ladys- a novel affair

The best novel series for girls. I include only ones with 20 or more volumes.
Whether you are past that stage or still in it, what is/are your favourite mystery novel series for girls? Elly Dinsmore and Grace Harlowe are exlcuded as they date only as far as the '20s.
Nancy Drew
Trixi Belden
Judy Bolton
the Dana Girls
Ruth Fielding
Cherry Ames
Lnda Craig
Beverly Gray
Liz Gail
Which is/are your favourite,s in the general/miscellaneous category?
Sweet Valley
Sweet Dreams
the Baby Sitters Club
the Fabulous 5
Sugar and Spice
Sunset Island
Honey Bunch
This poll was created on 2011-03-30 12:39:20 by Philogynist