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For Guys-a novel affair

The best novel series for boys. I have excluded the Rover Boys and the Motor Boys, even though theyhave over 20 volumes, as they go back to the '20s at the latest. Brains Benton is probably the best and certainly 1 of the best but has only 6 volumes.
Whether you are still in that stage or or past it, which is/are your favourite novel seies for boys with 20 or more volumes ?
Tom Swift
Hardy Boys
the 3 Investigators
Bronc Burnett
the X-Bar-X Boys
Encyclopedia Brown
Chip Hilton
Rick Brant
Ted Scott
Bomba the Jungle Boy
Which is/are your favourite,s with between 12 and 18 volumes?
the Lone Ranger
Ken Holt
Biff Brewster
the Mercer Boys
Dale of the Mounted
the Mad Scientists Club
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