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Fill out these interesting questions......
What is Hell?
Physical, Eternal Fire Torment
Spiritual, Eternal Torment
It is All Symbolic
Annihilation or Cessation
It is All A Mystery
It is All A Myth
What is Heaven?
Physical, Eternal Paradise
Spiritual, Eternal Paradise
It is all Symbolic
It is Second Chance
Reincarnation, several lives
It's A Mystery
It's A Myth
What about the Bible?
King James Version ONLY!
King James version better
NIV, ASV, or NKJV better
Living Bible
The Bible is corrupted
The Bible is a fairy tales
Ban the Bible altogether!
Who was Jesus?
God the Son
The Son of God "only"
A prophet
A great teacher
A nice man
A nut
Who or What is God?
Divine Creator and Lord
One in many gods
An extra terrestrial
Energetic force
Man's creation
What is truth?
Absolute unless God changes it
Subject to change any time
A Lie
How does someone get to Heaven?
Believing on the Lord Jesus
Believing in God
Asking forgiveness
Saying a prayer
Reading the Bible
Attending Church
Being A Nice Person
Take Yoga Lessons
Take LSD
There Is No Heaven
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