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Favourite Tackey & Tsubasa Fanfiction

Choose from 49 Tackey and Tsubasa fanfiction titles.
Which is your favourite Tackey & Tsubasa fanfiction?
When a cat loves a dog
Pasta + Chaahan (Chinese-style fried rice) = Venus Ramen?
'No. You can't have him.'
Puppy Love Ranger
3 Ficlets of Spoof: In the Third Floor’s Storage Room / Madness and Mayhem in Takitsuba Household / Of groping, lap dance and blowjob
When contempt and disdain collide
Lunchtime Workout
I Want You
Birthday Present
I Don't Know Many Things
Some Things Never Change
Blackmail, Cats and Pineapple
So Cute It Hurts
My Cruel Stepbrother
Love is a Four-Letter Word
Lovers and Strangers
Duck Lake
2 Ficlets: Idol Takki's Less-Than-Sporty Day / The Morning After the Countdown
Awkward Love
Love Artificially
Boys Do It Better
Happy Together
Princes' Island
The Most Important Thing
Forever Young
No.1 Fan
Always By Your Side
Boku no Rakuen (My Paradise)
The Return to Playzone
Desk Ornament
Thicker Than Blood
TakiTsuba Channel - The Naked Truth
The Seventh Lesson
More Than Meets the Eye
More Than Memories (Pi's version)
More Than Memories (Takki's version)
Sweet and Scary
Aishiteru Ze (Behind-the-scenes)
Arigatou (Thank You)
Ulterior Motives
Plan B
Duck Lake (Part 2/2)
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