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Barefoot in the Rain

For girls only
Do you go barefoot in the rain?
no (stop here)
Why do you go barefoot in the rain?
it feels good/it is fun
sadly, it was the best option available
because it involves "bare feet". period.
The maximum intensity of rain that you would go barefoot in is:
just enough rain to moisten the ground
just enough rain to make the ground wet
rain hard enough to create small puddles
rain so hard that you cannot even see clearly
What surfaces would you walk on in the rain?
concrete pavement
asphalt pavement
wood chips
wooden boards
Which of these conditions would cause you to go barefoot in the rain without even thinking?
feet are in the most extreme pain you can imagine (from wearing flats or heels)
socks are wet
you're with a group of friends, whom all decided to go barefoot in the rain
shoes are really expensive and fancy, but are easily destroyed by water
dirt and leaves, twigs got washed into your shoe (assuming shoes are heels or footwear that does not require socks)
really cute boy with you, that had a huge foot fetish
This poll was created on 2011-05-18 20:58:35 by plztryagain