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SWAT-style Paintball

Would you be interested in paintballing inside? At an abandoned warehouse? How about an old office building? or maybe even a school or theater? Close-quarters paintball is on the rise. Instead of running through the woods stalking the enemy, you can now run more SWAT style scenarios and have more intense and creative battles. Would you be interested?
If there was an urban style paintballing place near you, would you go there?
Yes, but only if it doesn't cost any more
Yes, even if it costs more
Maybe, depends on the location
No, it sounds painful
No, I don't play paintball
Where would be the coolest place to have a paintball match?
School building
Any place with strong airducts...
Movie Theater
Something with multiple buildings...
Business Offices
Where are you from? (City and Country) This will be used only to identify possible locations for urban paintballing.
This poll was created on 2011-05-27 20:25:45 by furbster