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Spanking science fiction story poll.

This is a science fiction story meant to illustrate a concept. All characters are fictional. Consider the following situation. The year is 2085, and a scientist creates a type of nano-technology he injects into his daughter that makes her near immortal, she can be destroyed, its just very difficult. She has glowing yellow eyes and silver hair. Hiru has emotional and psychological difficulties growing up because she is different than other people. She is only 4 feet 8 inches tall, and often considered a dwarf, and even mistaken for a child. She does manage to make a living, and buy a house. The years roll on, Hiru becomes involved with social issues and she makes it very clear. She complies with laws and rules made by ordinary Humans because it suits her. If there is something she disagrees with about the way Human society works, she'll make her opposition known.

This is the case with spanking of children. Hiru Toshi likes spanking recreational for fun, but does not believe in spanking children.

31% (7) Good for her, who cares what she thinks?
31% (7) Alright I agree with you.
13% (3) I disagree with what this cyborg freak thinks and feel she should be censored.
22% (5) I disagree with what this cyborg freak thinks and feel she should be punished.

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Hiru Toshi makes the statement that she thinks that parents who spank minor children should have their parental rights terminated.

27% (6) Thats a bit much, attending parenting classes is sufficient.
18% (4) I agree with her, spanking is not good for kids.
54% (12) Who is this yellow eyed freak for telling me how I can and can't raise my kids.

22 voters have answered this question.

Hiru Toshi believes that to ensure spanking is abolished in a school setting, schools should fall under state mandate or state regulation. Private Christian schools, and home schooling should be abolished and children should be compelled to attend state run schooling. In addition, she claims that Private schooling programs create economic and social inequalities between the rich and poor.

18% (4) I agree with her, private schooling should be abolished.
31% (7) I agree with her only such that the state should make laws stating the private schools cannot spank.
50% (11) Who is this cyborg freak again? What makes her think she has the right to change public policy?

22 voters have answered this question.

Hiru receives a visit from a religious official of local churches because she has been making waves in the community with her controversial opinions, and apparently she is giving money to other Humans that support her pet causes. Hiru agrees to an interview to answer questions, and nothing more.

4% (1) Bad idea, someone could get injured, namely him.
68% (15) Well, talking to her couldn't hurt, she's not been violent without cause in the past.
27% (6) This preacher has no right to proselytize to her on her property.

22 voters have answered this question.

Things go south. Apparently, Hiru does not believe in any gods or the Christian religion. She does not care that Christians have a religious mandate to spank. It deteriorates into a heated shouting match. The preacher moves to strike her for being so arrogant. Hiru stops his hand, and sprains his wrist in the process. She warns him she could do far worse if she really wanted too.

61% (13) He tried to strike her, he assaulted her. Why was he on her land to begin with?
19% (4) He needs to call the police. She assaulted him, using excessive force
19% (4) Someone needs to kill Hiru Toshi before it is much too late.

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A civil suit is filed against Hiru Toshi, and an arbitrator dismisses the case as Hiru's companions testify that yes, he moved to assault her, and that she merely stopped him from striking her. It is revealed that the Preacher actually intended to put Hiru over his knee and spank her himself. not slap her. The case is dismissed as ridiculous.

22% (5) Hiru Toshi should at the very least, pay his medical bills.
72% (16) Why exactly did this guy think he had any right to spank Hiru?
22% (5) The preacher was justified.
13% (3) Wait, Hiru Toshi is an adult dwarf right? What is going on here?

22 voters have answered this question.

It is revealed to the press by way of some photographs that Hiru Toshi likes sexualized spanking with other adults that are her consenting partners.

31% (7) Hiru Toshi is a complete hypocrite. She talks about how awful it is to spank real kids, but is secretly getting her fill at home of spanking from her sex partners.
59% (13) Hiru Toshi has nothing to worry about. She is an adult. She is doing her thing in private with her adult loved ones. Hiru is talking about abolishing spanking children. That's different.
27% (6) Hiru can do what she wants privately in her Mansion. She needs to stay away from the public sphere.

22 voters have answered this question.

Hiru Toshi holds a press conference stating that yes, she enjoys recreational erotic spanking with her partner. That she equates spanking of children to sexual abuse as a means of inflicting sexual shame on people. She ha complete control who spanks her, how, and when.

36% (8) Good for her. What Hiru Toshi does in her private life is her business.
77% (17) Hiru Toshi's personal sexual preference should not determine public policy.
9% (2) Other?

22 voters have answered this question.

Hiru Toshi receives an increase in death threats and vandalism of her mansion. The police have to act to protect Hiru from Christian radicals who oppose Hiru Toshi's policy. She lets it be known to the public that if Humans continue to harass her, and endanger the lives and property of herself and her loved ones, she would act with lethal force. Hiru is a cybernetically augmented Human with regenerative capabilities. She is composed of trillions of tiny machine cells. She has been shot, smashed, blown up, and set on fire. She regenerates, she recovers, and she keeps coming. She doesn't really age, and she gets more intelligent as time goes on.

63% (14) Leave her alone.
27% (6) Seal off her mansion. Don't let anyone come or go. Keeping Hiru trapped will prevent her from making any more threatening gestures.
9% (2) A military force should act to destroy should act to destroy Hiru Toshi.

22 voters have answered this question.

Hiru Toshi's only demand upon the Human species is that we cease and desist spanking our children. She made no other demands that the Humans change how their society works. What is your opinion on the subject of Hiru Toshi? How would you negotiate with Hiru Toshi? Do you see Hiru Toshi as a force for good, or a force for evil?Is Hiru selfish and shallow or childish? Is Hiru acting in in what she thinks is right?

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22 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2011-06-23 17:39:26 by Kalinka
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