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Arm Farts: Your Favorite Armpit Fart YouTube Vids!

Have you seen a vid on YouTube that was of someone doing armpit farts and/or other fart tricks like chest farts or back farts? Then this is your poll!
Paste any links for YouTube fart trick vids that you like here (for multiple links, separate using two spaces in between).
Can you do any fart tricks yourself?
Yeah, of course!
Naw, I can't, but I wanna!
Naw, and I don't really wanna either.
If yes, what fart tricks can you do?
Armpit farts
Chest farting
Back/sit-up farts
Knee farts
Handless armpit farting
Where did you learn your fart tricks from?
From Internet
YouTube (vids above)
YouTube (vid not above)
Now, match up your fart tricks with who taught them to you (use the same options as above question, please!)
This poll was created on 2011-07-07 03:08:41 by Mudder96