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Emma Watson's Real Rival

Hey Guys, on this site, Emma Watson has faces a lot of girls. So my question is, who do you think is Emma Watson's true rival?
Who is Emma Watson's true Rival?
Anna Popplewell
Kristen Stewart
Taylor Swift
Miley Cyrus
Hayden Panettiere
Ellen Page
Selena Gomez
Emma Stone
Bonnie Wright
Emma Roberts
Amanda Bynes
Hilary Duff
Keira Knightely
Natalie Portman
Would you like to see Emma have a match with her True Rival?
What type of match should it be? Please chose two.
Bra and Panties Match
Fight to the Death
Stinkface Match
Regular Catfight (mix of the above)
This poll was created on 2011-07-27 22:18:33 by Halomercenary91