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Best WWE vs TNA matches

If best wrestlers from WWE and TNA square off,who would win?
First,Divas match.WWE's Kelly Kelly vs TNA's Mickie James?
Kelly Kelly
Mickie James
TNA's Ric Flair vs WWE's CM Punk?
Ric Flair
CM Punk
WWE's Big Show vs TNA's Jeff Jarrett?
Big Show
Jeff Jarrett
Now the High-Flyers.TNA's AJ Styles vs WWE's Evan Bourne?
AJ Styles
Evan Bourne
WWE's Christian vs TNA's Rob Van Dam?
Rob Van Dam
Now the masked wrestlers.TNA's Suicide vs WWE's Sin Cara?
Sin Cara
In the veterans square off,who should win?WWE's Triple H or TNA's Hulk Hogan?
Triple H
Hulk Hogan
Now the monsters.TNA's Abyss or WWE's Kane?
WWE's Randy Orton vs TNA's Mr.Anderson?
Randy Orton
TNA's Jeff Hardy or WWE's Rey Mysterio?
Jeff Hardy
Rey Mysterio
WWE's John Cena vs TNA's Kurt Angle?
John Cena
Kurt Angle
And at the end,the battle of Legends,TNA's Sting or WWE's Undertaker?
This poll was created on 2011-09-05 12:33:39 by Adyman Bond