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My girlfriend started smoking...

My girlfriend and I are both in our mid-20's. She started a new job a few months ago, and is doing great. Her boss (a woman who has become her mentor) and many of the women she works with smoke. My girlfriend has started smoking with them during the day, and wants to now smoke at home on weekends and nights. She used to occasionally smoke in college, but had not in about 5 years.
Should it bother me that my girlfriend has started smoking?
Should I ask her to only smoke while she is at work?
Should I mind if she smokes at home (outside the house)?
Is it ok for her to smoke in the house (we live together) and in the car?
She has asked me if I want to try smoking too. I have smoked before, but only a handful of times. Should I try it?
If I do try it (and I am thinking I will), what brand should I start with?
Marlboro Ultra Lights
Marlboro Lights
Benson & Hedges Menthol Ultra Lights
Camel Crush
Virginia Slims Lights (what my girlfriend smokes)
American Spirit
She currently smokes 5-6 during the work day. Should I ask her to limit what she smokes?
Yes - Smoke only at work
Yes - 10 a day or less
Yes - Pack a day or less
Yes - 3 packs a week
Yes - 5 packs a week
Yes - 1 pack a week
No, it is her choice and I should support it
No, but there is nothing I can do about it
Is it ever my right to tell her to stop smoking?
Yes, but she will resent it
Yes, but she will keep smoking and try to hide it
No, it is her choice and I should accept it
No, but I should push her to stop anyway
How old are you?
Under 25
26 - 35
over 55
Are you male or female?
Are you....
A male who smokes
A male who does not smoke
A female who smokes
A female who does not smoke
This poll was created on 2011-09-23 04:53:09 by Kris2011