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fav yugioh card

whatis ur fav yugioh cards
what card is your fave ace card
dark magician
red eyes black dragon
blue eyes white dragon
elemental hero neos
stardust dragon
cyber dragon
summoned skull
toon summoned skull
blue eyes toon dragon
andro sphinx
sphinx teleia
malefic blue eyes white dragon
malfefic red eyes black dragon
malefic stardust dragon
exhodia (includes all 5 peices)
elemental hero blade edge
water dragon
obelisk the tormentor
slyfer the sky dragon
winged dragon of ra
ancient gear golem
grave keepers visionary
wht is ur fav spell card
monster reborn
monster reincarnation
future fusion
fusion gate
mystical space typhoon
heavy storm
fav trap card
pyramid of light
mirror force
call of the haunted
dark spiral force
neo spiral force
fav ritual monster out of these 2
magician of black chaos
fave spellcaster
dark magician
dark magician girl
sorcerer of dark magic
magician of black chaos
sorcerer of the doomed
toon dark magician girl
ancient elf
fave feind type monster out of these 2
summoned skull
toon summoned skull
what did u think of this poll
loved it
liked it
was ok
didnt like it
too short
hated it why bother with this poll
This poll was created on 2011-11-30 01:06:09 by kakorot