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The Bucket List

Imagine that while at the doctors office you're told that you're terminally ill and only have 3 mos to live; which of the following behaviors would you do. Please click ALL that apply.
Which of the following behaviors would you do? Please click ALL that apply.
Cuss out your boss and quick your job
Relapse on your drug of choice
Max out your credit
Pick a fist fight
Begin speeding everywhere you drive
Begin having sex with as many people as possible
Go skydiving
Go bungee jumping
Cheat on your spouse
Tell off your parents
Walk down the street nude
Drive nude
Conduct your daily duties in your pajamas
Stop shaving and grow a beard
Stop shaving your legs
Begin using drugs for the first time in your life
Eat exotic foods: shark fin soup, frogs legs, escargot, chitterlings, pig feet, etc.
Get in a food fight
Begin telling your friends / family what you really think about them
Travel the country / world as far as your budget would allow
This poll was created on 2011-12-27 07:45:36 by unowho