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Back zip clothing, Yes/No, Why?

Hey everybody! I'm a 16 year old Girl, and I can zip up a back zip, but can't unzip it myself. Weird, I know. I've been stuck because of this more than enough. So I wanted to ask you people out there what your expierences whith back zip clothes were.
Male or Female?
Have you ever worn back zipped clothing?
If Yes, why?
Mom/Dad dressed me.
I was tricked into.
I like it.
never thought about it.
I was forced to wear back zipped clothing.
If No:
Never had back zip clothes.
Resistet the atempt to dress me ;)
Don't like it.
Can you open/close a back zipper yourself without help? (Help: String on zipper tab etc.)
Yes, without problems.
Yes, but I need to contort myself extremly.
Yes, but only close, I need help to open it again.
Yes, but only open, I need help to close it first.
No, if sombody zipped me into such clothing I would be stuck until he/she would unzip me again.
Remeber back to when you were a child, have you ever thougt: Oh, I like to wear this dress/costume/whatever, but I need help to put it on.
Have you ever worn back zipped clothing (zipped up) and wantet to change but couldn't because of the back zipper?
Yes, but what are mom's/friend's for?
Yes, but I was home alone so I was stuck.
No, I'm nimble enough to open it myself.
Have you ever worn back zip clothing (zipped up), wanted to change and couldn't because of the zipper and your mom/sister/etc. wouln't unzip you?
Yes, they said I look cute, I schould wear it a bit longer.
Yes, mom said it's her descision what I wear.
Yes, they said I should wear it for the whole day.
What kind of back zip clothing have you worn?
Costume (Halloween etc.)
Sleepsuit / pyjamas
If you were stuck because nobody would unzip you, what were you wearing?
If you can zip up but can't unzip a back zipper by yourself, have you ever put on back zipped clothing even if nobody was home and you where stuck until someone came home to unzip you?
Yes, thought about it too late and was in.
Yes, but thats what mom's/sister's/ friends are for ;)
Yes, boyfriends/husbands are lured into the beedroom this way ! HrHrHr :))
No, remebered it early enough.
Have you ever worn a back zipped, onepice sleepsuit? Like this http://www.the-all-in-one-company.co.uk/.
Yes, my parents zipped me in at night and unzipped me in the morning.
Yes, got a Husband/Boyfriend/Roommate for that.
No, never had those.
This poll was created on 2011-12-28 21:23:03 by myself30