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Me and my friend are in a "debate" on which is better I would make on about both universes villains but they would all team up kill the heros then fight to the death after everything good is stolen
Bruce wayne(Batman) vs. Tony stark(iron man)
Batman would because he could recreate iron mans suit and use it againt him on top of his agility
Batman no question
Iron man because he know his weaknesses and are very careful of not to let them be used against him
Iron man no question
Idk i"d guess it would be a tie
Super man vs. Hulk
superman because he has super strength,heat vision,ice breath, and only weakness is something not hulk but only bruce banner would be able to get in preperation of battle
Hulk he took out a whole army (thing)
Wonder Women vs.rouge (before she had mrs.marvels powers)
Wonder women because she has no powers but only training
rouge because she could maybe get close enough to start scrappin lol
Lex luthor vs. Doc ock
luthor his supersuit is stronger them some stupid metal arms
doc ock he out numbers luthor in arm 6 to 2 and could easily grab and throw him to someone who could handel him if he cant
Flash vs. Spider man
Flash do i really need to say why?
Spiderman flash may have speed but spiderman has spidey senses agility and webs
Batman vs. Spiderman
Batman because of his gadgets and speed spidey may have web but the bat has rope and whens the last time youve heard of a bat getting cought in a spider web?
Spider man duh he has spidey senses and web beats rope any day
Who no questions ask do you think would win?
Marvel because:
DC univerce because:
IDk theyre both awsome
I hate both I like star wars best (If you check this your a gay retard)
And just for clarifacation killer croc vs. bane?
Bane 1 blow and croc is dead
Croc beacuse he could cut off his syrum and eat him
or Bane because:
or Croc because:
And Magneto vs. Ang the last air bender
Magneto because he"s a ruthless murderer and kills his own kind and can take iron out of his blood
Ang because he can blood bend and make magneto kill himself or contolr all of the elements to kill him
Magneto because:
Ang because:
which multi-millionair would win in a battle in gettin chicks lol (question fail)(U CAN ANWSER MORE THAN ONCE)
Lex Luthor
Bruce Wayne(Batman)
Warren Worthington lll(Angel)
green arrow
Richard reeds(mr.fantastic)
Charels Xavior
This poll was created on 2011-12-30 19:42:33 by venicio