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Rule your nation 2

If you haven't done number 1 try that first
in a recent documentary people of your nation became aware of the sickening experiments facing millions of chimps and orangutans and have started to protest, you,
convince your people that these experiments have saved many human lives and at the end of the day humans are more important.
Ban the testing of drugs on great apes
ban animal testing altogether
put restrictions on the number of animals that can be used and get better conditions for the animals
your country has seen a recent spike in teen pregnancy's, you;
Stop giving teen mothers support, it may be harsh but no one wants a baby they can't care for
make it easier for teen mothers to get abortions without telling their parents
get schools to teach children about sex and contraception
get schools to teach children to be abstinent, there is no need for unmarried couples to have sex
Increase support for teenage mothers, they need all the care we can give them
8% of your country is revealed to be on welfare, most of which have been on there for over 2 years, you;
put a limit on how long a person can be on welfare for
change the system so that the government will give them a part-time job cleaning up the streets, painting railings ect so they can earn their money
decrease welfare amounts so people will want to get a job
make officials check people who have been living on the system too long to make sure they aren't just lazy
make sure that anyone signing up has already sent out several job applications
A video game is coming out that shows scenes of graphic violence, sex, drug use, crime, racism and use of profanity, critiques have called the game a horror show and it has been revealed that children as young as six could play this game, you;
ban the game
ban all games that have such content
ban all forms of entertainment that has such vulgar scenes
do nothing, kids will see all that stuff eventually so there is no reason for them to be sheltered
punish parents that allow their children to play adult video games
This poll was created on 2012-01-01 15:44:18 by m1ch43l