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Rule your nation 3

do what you would do if you were in charge of a country
A foreign nation has asked you to sign a nuclear non-proliferation treaty whereby you will sign off on your option to research and develop nuclear technology including nuclear weapons, you;
sign the treaty as I'm opposed to all nuclear research
sign the treaty to appease other nations but research in secret
don't sign the treaty as i want my nation to have nuclear power, but not weapons
don't sign the treaty because i believe that nuclear weapons are necessary for my peoples security
don't sign the treaty as we aren't interested in nuclear technology now but it will restrict us in the future
a small local island that is a territory of your nation has been striving for independence, you have heard rumors that some of the people are willing to fight your nation's soldiers on the island, you;
refuses them independence, their island belongs to us and not them
give people of that island increased freedom from your nation to try and make them happy without giving them what they want
have all of those that tried to get independence arrested for treason
put more military on that island so they have no chance
give them their independence
a barbaric religious cult is introducing practices of sacrificing people to their god and have so far killed 6 people by disembowelment, you;
allow them to continue, they have the right to pick their religion and most of the people killed were homeless anyway
put all of them in a psychiatric hospital and ban the religion
punish those directly responsible for the killing but allow the religion to continue as long as they stop killing people
execute the whole lot of them for crimes against humanity
your countries considerable prison population has grown to large to be taken care of, you;
put all of those in prison in hard labor camps, so they can pay for their own punishment
fine people for minor offense instead of putting them in prison
make prison more efficient, EG cheaper food, less space, less guards less freedom to move about
privatize prisons so they can take care of the prisoners
execute those with life sentences since they'll never come out anyway
sell peoples property when they are in prison to pay for the prison
This poll was created on 2012-01-02 10:07:09 by m1ch43l