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Button back clothing

Have you ever worn them? Why ir why not.
Male or Female?
Your age:
Have you ever worn button back clothes?
Yes, Mom/Dad dressed me
Yes, I like them
Yes, I was triked
Yes, I was forced to wear them
No, never had those
No, never had the opportunity to wear them
Have you ever wanted to wear something but you couldn't dress yourself because of the back buttons?
Yes, but I went to my mother and she buttoned me up
What kind of button back clothes have you worn?
Pinafore with dress underneath
Can you get out of button back clothes without help?
Yes, I'm nimble enough
Yes, but I need to contort my arms
No, without help I'm stuck
Have you ever been stuck in button back clothes?
Wich kind of clothes?
Have you ever worn back button clothes, wanted to change but nobody would unbutton you?
Yes, thy said I should wear it all day.
Yes, Mom said it's her descision what I wear.
Yes, thy said I look cute
For the parents, Would you dress your kids in such clothes?
Yes, they look cute
Yes, so they don't undress themselves
What expierences have you made with back buttoned clothes? Tell me about it, good or bad.
What kind of buttons do your clothes have?
Lots of little pearl buttons
Just normal
Big ones
Anything I forgot?
This poll was created on 2012-01-13 11:01:26 by myself30