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How old were you when you first listened to music regularly?

I don't mean nursery rhymes, I mean actual commercial bands and singers.
When I first developed an interest in listening to music (nursery rhymes and such do NOT count), I was years old.
The music I listen to is generally...
Much older than me (20+ years)
Older than me (20-5 years)
Older than me, but not by much (5-0 years)
Approximately as old as me (1 year older to 1 year newer)
Younger than me, but not by much (0-5 years)
Younger than me (5-20 years)
Much younger than me (20+ years) - That means that if you're younger than 20 years, do NOT pick this one!
Varies, no clear range
This poll was created on 2012-01-21 05:44:14 by UBFunkaneer