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Which book series would you suggest I read?

I am going on a trip come March and want some good books to read?
Which book or series would you suggest I read?
A Song of Ice and Fire
Wheel of Time
The Wizard Knight duology
The Chronicles of Amber
The Abhorsen Trilogy
Farseer trilogy
Sellsword trilogy by R.A. Salvatore
The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant
Lord of the Rings
The Malazan Book of the Fallen
The Lies of Locke Lamora
Falconfar Saga
Blood Ninja
Dresden Files
Felix by Joan Aiken
Case Closed (Manga)
Band of Four
Song of Albion
Elemental Gelade (Manga)
Weather Warden
Flame of Recca (manga)
Flowers & Bees (Manga)
GetBackers (Manga)
Saga of Seven Suns
Saga of the First King (Salvatore)
Deepgate Codex
Moon Riders
Negima (Manga)
Black Magician Trilogy
Felix Gomez (Acevedo)
Priest (Manga)
Sand Chronicles (Manga)
Saturn's Children (Charles Stross)
Knights of Myth Drannor
Chronicles of the Necromancer (Martin)
Fallen Kings Cycle (Martin)
Trinity Blood Reborn on the Mars
Watersmeet by Ellen Jensen Abbott
X/1999 (Manga)
Yotsuba (Manga)
Ten Thousand by Michael Curtis Ford
Unicorns of Balinor
River of Darkness by James Grady
Time Scout series by Robert Asprin
Logan Family by VC Andrews
Life of PI
Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn
Women of the Otherworld
Guantanamo and the abuse of Presidential Power
The Firm by Grisham
Dragon Prince by Rawn
Animal Vegetable, Miracle
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