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Last Step Towards Registration HC25+

Choose your favorite color for the team, just one!
Strong Pink
Choose 4 name from the list. Again, no more and no less than 4!
A Good Walk Spoiled
DoubleBangers (the)
Fairway Dodgers (the)
Iron Deficiency
Kochi 東風
Mosquitoes (the)
Nice Shoooo!
Puttering About
Stings (the)
Underdogs (the)
Wandering Wonders (the)
Wedgies (the)
Weed Whackers (the)
Where’s my Ball
Should we invite Donald or Natalie as "Honorable" member? One pick only!
Natalie Gulbis
Donald Trump
This poll was created on 2012-02-16 05:20:10 by ChrisJP