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Star Trek ships combat power from 1 to 20

Vote for the ships Strength in combat based on shields weapons speed sensors etc... ex : Defiant 15, Prometheus 17 etc... the numbers must be between 1 to 20 do not exceed that. be realistic ( don't do this :Borg cube 1 and NX 20 just cause its you fav ship)
NX class (Star Trek Enterprise) Constitution class Miranda class Excelsior class Constellation class Ambassador class Nebula class Akira class Galaxy class Defiant class Intrepid class Sovereign class Prometheus class Nova class Dauntless class Armored Voyager Galaxy class dreadnought Small b'rel Brid of prey Large D12 BOP K'vort Bird of prey D7 cruiser Vor'cha Negh'var Romulan Warbird Nemesis Norexan warbird Romulan/Reman Scimitar Dominion bug ship fighter Dominion cruiser Dominion battleship Cardassian hideki fighter Cardassian Galor Cardassian Keldon Breen warship Borg scout Borg probe Borg Queen Diamond Borg sphere Borg cube Borg Tactical cube
This poll was created on 2012-02-23 11:59:44 by Janeway