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How Have Your Opinions Changed in the Last Ten Years?

I am doing a study on public opinion. So, I decided to take the direct approach and actually ask the public their opinions. Please answer honestly, and tell me how you felt about the War in Iraq, not how you feel about it now, but how you felt about it back when it was just starting.
How did you feel at the start of the Iraq War?
Did you support it? Why was it a good idea? Why was it a bad idea? (Note: do not base your judgements on what you know now, but try to remember what you thought back then.)
Has your opinion changed? How has it changed?
If your opinion has changed, what caused it to change? Can you pinpoint when your opinion began changing?
If your opinion has not changed, then how have you been justified?
While filling out this poll, were you ever uncomfortable facing your old opinions? Why?
This poll was created on 2012-03-01 20:23:16 by Truthv