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Stomach growling (girls only)

This a a poll about rumbling stomachs.
Dose your stomach growl often?
yes, all the time, it's EXTREMELY talkative!
yes very often, but it quiets down somtimes, but only temperarily.
It only growls sometimes, not too much not too little.
every once in a while, you know just if I forget to eat or somthing.
hardly ever, it's pretty quiet most of the time, eve when I'm hungry!
What doe your stomach sound like?
Very loud high-picted growls.
Very loud low-pitched growls
Very loud high-oitched rumbles.
Very loud low-pitched rumbles.
Very loud high-pitched gurgles
Very loud low-pitched gurgles.
Loud high-pitched growls
Loud low-pitched growls
Loud high-pitched rumbles
Loud low-pitched rumbles
Loud high-pitched gurgles
Loud low-ptched gurgles
Medium high-pitched growls
Medium low-pitched growls
Medium high-pitched rumbles
Medium low-pitched rumbles
Medium high-pitched gurgles
Medium low-pitched gurgles
Quiet high pitched growls
Quiet low pitched growls
Queit high pitched rumbles
Quiet low pitched rumbles
Quiet high pitched gurgles
Quiet low pitched gurgles.
Where dose your stomach ussally growl.
At home
at school, I should remember to eat before I get to class, esspecally before a dead silent exam DX !
at work, my job sure can give me an appitite!
It growls whenever I'm at the pool or beach. Swiming makes me hungry :(.
outdoors, nothing interupts a beautiful walk in the park than a roar from my poor belly!
other, my sceneros are completely different!
It growls everywhere no matter where I'am, it never shuts up.
Has anyone ever heard your stomach growling?
Yes everyone I know
Yes most people I know
Some people I know
No, very few people i know
No, no one
Has your stomach ever growled when it's exposed
Yes all the time
Very often
Hardly ever
Nope, never.
If your stomach is exposed when it growls, what do wear?
Crop Top
Tank Top
Tube Top
Tied Shirt
Sports Bra
I just lift my shirt when it growls, it feels great to rub my bear midrff when its empty inside.
Dose your stomach ache when it's hungry and/or growling?
Yes, it's horrible, I beg for relife when it happens!
Yes, but it isn't that bad, it hurts like heck though!
It hurts, but I can deal with it and it isn't that noticable.
My tummy gets kind of hollow and uncomfortable when it's empty, but it dosen't hurt.
No, it feels fine, does't hurt at all.
Hurt? My belly feels great when it's hungry! The gurgles even tickle sometimes.
What foods make you the hungriest.
Being around foods like bread, rice, spagetti, and soup leave me empty!
My belly ROARS at the sight of fruits and vegitables.
Meat makes my tummy mutter for MORE!
The sweet sugary taste of icecream, cake, and candy, sends my belly into an angry feeding frenzy!
Any food makes me hungry actually, I'm not that picky!
How do you react to your growling stomach?
Just smile or giggle and rub your belly as it continues to complain.
Lift your shirt (if your belly isn't all ready exposed) and play with you belly or belly button while you feel the growls vibrate against your hand.
I just ignore it, it just a bunch of noise. It's no biggie.
I find somethig to eat as soon as possible. When nature all it's your job to anwser!
I just let it rumble. I love the noises that it makes :P.
If you belly could talk, what would it say? (chances are it's not going to be polite, being the very core oof the human body)
Stop what ever your doing and get in the kitchen! I'M STARVED!
Give me some air! I can't see a thing under this shirt!
Aren't you letting me show a little too much? I'm starting to feel akward geting all of this attention!
Why the hell did you peirce me?
What are you talking about? It talks all the time, it has alot to say before meals like *growl* AND *gurgle*!
Scenario: You are at the beach in a midriff baring swimsuit. The smell of the salt air and gentle crash of the shore waves sends you into a relaxed state of tranquility as you rest on the warm, moist sand. You stand up to stretch yourself and realize that you have lost track of the time. You reach for you watch but a loud roar from your belly makes you realize that you don't need it after all. According to your stomach it around lunch time and you need to eat fast! You quickly look around for any concession carts but there are none to be found. Your belly, not taking no for an answer respond with a series of glass-shattering growls with small gurgles in between them. You try to rub your exposed midriff but to absolutely not avail, in fact the massage seems to anger the growling beast even more as it continues to roar and scream at you, it even starts to vibrate at the intensity of it's appetite. You even feel your navel tremble and shake on the surface of you hand. Your becoming desperate, some people are starting to turn to you and your deafening belly. What will you do now?
I need to find some food fast! Standing hear rubbing my belly isn't going to make it any quieter! The sooner I find some food the better.
Now's the time me to try to hide my belly noises. I could try muffling it with my beach towel, or keeping my mind off of food by watching the waves hit the shore, I could even go for a swim no one would hear my tummy if it's underwater! Better yet I could just ignore it, no sense in worrying about it.
I'll just let it growl. My tummy's cute when it's loud and hungry! Besides getting some food would mean leaving the beach. Why would I leave on such a nice day like this. On top of that whould said that my belly is any less sexy when it's empty and rumbly!
You're studying in the library with a boy who has a HUGE crush on you for a big exam in class tomorrow. You have been studying for literally for hours since five o'clock without any brakes and you begin to stretch yourself lifting your arms allowing your shirt to rise above your navel. Every time you expose your belly you catch the boy staring at it, but he just blushes and gets back to work. as thirty more minutes pass you two as distracted by a faint bubbling sound. You both look around to see what it was but ultimately choose to ignore it. You know what it is but you hope that he doesn’t notice it. You begin to regret skipping lunch today because now your missing dinner and you're absolutely starving, but you can't eat I the library! Your hungry stomach sounds off again and this time it's very loud, echoing throughout the entire library! The boy notices and give a slight snicker but fixes his eyes on your midsection as it continues to rumble like an active volcano. You remember that he loves to see your belly button so you see this an the perfect opportunity to show off you belly to him. You lift your shirt passed your ribcage up to the bottom of your breasts, letting your noisy midriff show proudly. You begin telling him how hungry you are while you rub around your navel, causing it to let out more angry rumbles. He complements you on how sexy and curvy your stomach is and you smile and thank him. You stomach demands your attention as it explodes with a series of roars and screams, you both try not to laugh out loud, but the last thing you two need to do is add more volume to your already blaring bare belly. But while you're having your fun, you realize that you really are absolutely famished and a sandwich between two fresh baked pieces of bread with a piece of cold juicy turkey in the middle sound terrific right now. With that thought, your stomach thunders thought the study, nearly shaking the ground beneath you, what will you do now?
I think I need to put my shirt down, get up, and find me some food. I want my belly to enchant him not annoy him. Beside if I keep this up the libryain will kick us out for not keeping quiet!
Dose it matter if my belly continues to speak? He's going to find it sexy either way. Quiet or noisy.
It's best if my belly contiunes growling at me. That's what gave me the oportinity to show it to him in the first place. He finds the noises to be hilarious and I'm going to eat evetually anyway. Why don't we enjoy my tummy complaing while it's still empty!
I'll invite him on a date at my house for dinner. I'll be sure to change into a crop to though and postpone dinner for about thirty minutes, just to let him enjoy my listening to belly rumbling for a little while longer. I might even let him give me a belly massage or let him press his ear against it, or maybe even let him play with my belly button for a while. ^_^.
You are at a sleepover with three other girls. You begin your night with on and off conversations and video games, then you move on to truth or dare but all of the festivity is halted when when your tummy interupts your fun with a loud gurgly growl! Your friends stomachs anwser your with a chorus of grumbles loud enough to wake the dead, reminding you that you were having so much fun that you have forgotten to eat supper. Its your turn and one of the girls dares you to press a microphone against your belly button while you stomach growls. Will you take the dare?
No! I shouldn't blare my belly into thier ears, just because it's a dare doesn't mean I have to take it!
I don't know, that sounds a little too embaressing, I'd trade it for a truth instead.
I'd counter dare her and make her do it. Let's see how she likes it.
I would just roll up my shirt and take the dare! What's the worst that could happen, it isn't like thier tummies aren't rumbling too!
Will you post messages about you being hungry or your stomach growling?
Yes, defiantly!
Nope, I don't feel like it.
I dunno, maybe...
This poll was created on 2009-11-09 12:09:37 by Megamariofan