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All About Dogs

This is a poll suitable for dog lovers. It's about dogs and nothing else!
First of all, are you a...
Do you own a pet dog?
No, would like to
No, I don't like dogs (But this poll is about dogs!)
What type of dog do you like best?
Toy dog
Hound dog
Herding dog
Sporting dog
No opinion
What do you think of dogs?
They're cute
They're smart
They're friendly
They're hard working
They're loud
They're stubborn
I love them
I don't mind them
I don't like them that much
Do you train your dog to do tricks?
I don't have a dog
No, I don't want to
No, I couldn't
Someone else trained my dog
Would you like to have another dog? (If you don't have any, would you like to?)
Yes, loads!
Yes, one
If I am allowed, yes
Heck no!
Now feel free to spill about your dog!
Thank you for voting!
This poll was created on 2012-03-05 09:14:07 by KellyCallista