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What do teenage girls wear in bed?

All you teenage girls out there, take a moment from teasing the boys by not telling them what you wear in bed...and tell the whole world for a change!
What's your age?
What do you wear in bed?
T-shirt and shorts
T-shirt and knickers
Vest and shorts
Vest and knickers
Vest and pyjama bottoms
T-shirt and pyjama bottoms
Long nightie
Short nightie
"Chanel Number Five, of course!"
Why do you wear what you do for bed?
To look sexy
To look cute
To feel comfy and warm
Do you wear knickers to bed?
Yes, I put clean ones on at bedtime
Yes, the same ones I was wearing that day
I wear frilly bloomers that match my nightie and came with it
I don't wear knickers to bed
Would you wear the same knickers you slept in the next day?
I have been known to!
No, I put clean ones on every morning
Do you ever tell boys what you wear in bed?
Yes, I talk about it to tease them and make them blush
No, it's nobody's business but mine what I wear in bed
I'd be too embarrassed to tell boys something so secret
I tease them by not telling them and making them guess
You're in your nightwear one morning and your crush calls round unexpectedly. What do you do?
Blush and hide, and refuse to see him until I've showered and dressed
Meet him in my nightie at once, and then giggle at how shy it makes him
Just meet him. I don't mind him seeing me in my nightie if he doesn't mind the smell!
Change into a clean nightie (preferably my best one), and flirt with him like crazy!
This poll was created on 2012-03-13 05:41:58 by AJP1992