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The National Debt--Part 2 Where to make the cuts.

If you are one of many who believe that the National Debt is out of control and needs to be cut, tell me, WHERE would you want the cuts to be made.
National Defence.
Salaries of Officers/Enlisted personel.
New weapons systems.
updating exisiting weapons systems.
VA Benefits.
None of the above.
Grants and Aids programs.
Aid to public Education.
Grants to Non-Profit organizations.
Grants to Public Broadcasting.
Grants to Medical Research.
Pell Grants and Student Loans.
None of the Above.
Social programs.
CHIP--Medical Care for low income children.
Unemployment Compensation.
Food Stamps.
Housing Assistance.
Child Care for working mothers.
Social Security/Medicare.
None of the Above.
Homhand Security.
Highway/Bridge Construction not covered by Gas Taxes.
Preserving and Maintaining the National Parks and Historic Sites.
U.S.D.A. Food Inspections.
Pensions for Government Emplyees.
United States Postal Service.
N.A.S.A. Space Programs.
Internal Revenue Service.
None of the Above.
Your Political Affiliation is;
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