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Ruby Slippers

If you were Dorothy would you be freaked out about having shoes on your feet off the witch you just killed.
Are you
If your were dorothy what would your thoughts be about wearing the ruby slippers?
Heck yeah a brand new pair of sweet shoes
Nasty shoes off a dead with's feet
A little to flashy for me but im going to wear them anyway
I should really give these to the wich of the west since they did belong to her sister
New shoes are new shoes I do not care how i get them
Would you have gave the shoes to the witch of the west
Yes because they do belong to her
No they are mine now
Over my dead body would she get her feet in these shoes
Maby depends what was in it for me
Yes but only if she gave me another pair of sexy shoes
How would you have used the magic in the shoes
To become a new witch and rule oz
To kill Glenda for not telling you in the first place you could use them to go home
Go home leave these weirdos
Have you ever owned a pair of ruby slippers
No but i dream about it
This poll was created on 2012-02-20 06:01:06 by Witch of the east