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wwe vs tna matches

matches featuring the men and women from both rosters to decide which brand is the best
epico and primo vs samoa joe and magnus what happens
joe and magnus hit there tag team finisher on primo and magnus pins him for the win
epico hits the backstabber on magnus and pins him for the win
joe hits his finisher on epico and gets the pin
primo hits joe with a chain and pins him
tara and tessmacher vs natalya and beth what happens
brooke and tara attack pin up strong and strip them down to their granny panties
natalya makes brooke tap out to the sharp shooter
tara hits the widows peek on natalya and pins her for the win
brooke goes for the pin on beth but natalya breaks it up tara comes running in but natalya kicks her in the gut grabs the back of her tights and gives her a wedgie and throws her into the the steel ring post brooke hits a dropkick on natalya knocking her to the floor but beth rolls her up and pins her with a hand full of brooke's tights exposing brooke's butt to the crowd
6 man tag Santino, big show and sheamus vs devon, austin aries and eric young what happens
sheamus nails the brogue kick on aries and pins him for the win
big show is down and young is on the top rope but show gets up and choke slams him and gets the pin
devon hits the diving head butt on santino and gets the pin
santino goes for the corbra but aries counters with a kick to the head and gets the pin
5 women tag match kelly kelly alicia fox kaitlyn tamina and maria menounous vs gail Kim madison rayne rosita sarita and angelina love
alicia hits the scissor kick on rosita and gets the pin
gail hits eat defeat on maria and gets the pin
maria hits a diving elbow on tamina and gets the pin
rosita distract the ref allowing gail to hit kaitlyn with the knockouts title and get the pin
kelly pulls down her pants and undies and stinkfaces angelina until she taps out
madison goes for her finisher but fox counters with a neck breaker gail sneaks in from behind and hits eat defeat then tamina nails a super kick on gail then angelina hits her finisher on tamina then kelly hits the k2 on angelina then sarita hits a ddt on kelly and rosita hits a running boat on maria and the sisters hit a double super kick on kaitlyn causing her to bend over the ropes so the sisters pull her tights down revealing her bare butt then they shove alicia's face into kaitlyn's butt then madison hits her finisher on alicia and gets the pin
daniel bryan, cody rhodes and jack swagger vs robbie E, rob terry and bully ray
robbie E and terry hits a double big boot on bryan and robbie gets the pin
terry hits a clothes line on swagger and gets the pin
swagger hits the gut wrench power bomb on robbie and gets the pin
cody hits cross rhodes on terry and gets the pin
gunner vs david otunga
gunner hits a pile driver and gets the pin
otunga hits the spinebuster and gets the pin
ric flair throw big johnny into the steel steps which distracts otunga allowing gunner to hit a stunner and get the pin
scott stiener hits the stiener line on otunga and he and gunner beat down otunga causing a DQ
james storm vs chris jericho
storm hits the last call super kick and gets the pin
jericho hits the code breaker and gets the pin
storm hits the eye of the storm and gets the pin
storm taps out to the walls of jericho
mickie james and velvet sky vs vickie and eve
velvet hits in yo face on eve and gets the pin
eve hits the moonsault on mickie and gets the pin
eve hits a running neck breaker on velvet and tags in vickie then velvet pulls down vickie's pants revealing a pink thong vickie tags eve and rolls out of the ring in embarrassment into a clothes line from mickie eve its a a clothes line on velvet and goes for the booty pop velvet pulls down her tights and rolls her up for the pin
vickie hits the hog splash on velvet and gets the pin
mr anderson vs lord tensai
tensai wins with the claw
anderson lives with the mic check and gets the pin
tensai beats down anderson and the ref claims him the winner
anderson hits the green bay plunge and gets the pin
traci brooks and ODB vs maxine and rosa mendas
ODB hits a power slam on maxine and gets the pin
rosa hits a low blow on ODB and gets the pin
maxine bends over to pick up traci but her tight rip revealing her black thong she tries to cover herself allowing traci to hits a brooks boot and pin her
maxine forces traci to kiss her ass until she faints and maxine pins her
cm punk vs bobby roode
punk hits the GTS and gets the pin
boode hits punk with a beer bottle and gets the pin
punk makes roode tap out to the anaconda vise
roode spits beer in punk's face and hits the payoff and gets the pin
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