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Online friends. Reality or Virtuality

Are online friends the same the friends in your real world? ONLINE or VIRTUAL are they different to each other and should you keep them separate or allow them to merge together.

Online or offline- Reality or Virtuality a friend is a friend and there is no difference between the two ....or is there?

81% (22) My online friends remain ONLINE friends and are not the same as my real life friends.
55% (15) The internet is not a dating agency. Keep reality and virtuality separate
18% (5) In this new age in which we live real friends are no more important that virtual friends
14% (4) I dont need friends online or off!
14% (4) Who cares?
18% (5) I love my online friends because
11% (3) I have no friends in the real world and need my online friends
18% (5) I have a lot of time on my hands so some online friendship fills a gap in my life.
22% (6) I have had a bad experience with online friends and/or relationships. Yes or No
14% (4) I am happy to give out my phone numbers to people I have met online but have not met in my offline life. Answer yes or no.
14% (4) I know nothing concrete about my online friend apart from what they have told me but I'm happy to meet up with them and exchange phone numbers and home adresses.

27 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2012-04-10 20:02:57 by BanderasBuddies
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