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Film Idea

Questionnaire about my proposed film Title News gone wrong Scenario A newsreader is reading the news. A sports presenter reports live from a football match. A typical weather man reads the weather. but then it all goes wrong… Some of the things I thought might happen in my film are The news reader falling asleep The news reader getting a telephone call from his mum or girlfriend The weatherman getting the weather completely wrong The football match commentator getting hit by the ball The reporter on how happy people are getting caught in a riot The Spanish expert not being able to speak Spanish
do you like the title of the film?
how long do you think it should be?
should I film it in colour or black and white?
Which characters should be in it?
which hollywood actor would you choose to play the main roll?
what do you think might happen?
how do you think it should start and end?
what type of film do you think it will be?
what audience do you think it will appeal to?
This poll was created on 2012-04-24 10:02:47 by Michael Keeling